Welcome to Birth 2012 + Beyond!

Our vision is for a world aware of and responsible for its collective presence. A world where we are all needed; all invited and all supported as we intentionally share our unique grace, expertise and gifts.

 Our vision expands as it trusts in the reality of our collective presence.

To ask what can I give, share, offer, or contribute, to a new world emerging changes everything.

Through this question, we all become connectors , we all become catalysts empowering the people with whom we meet and network, according to our shared purpose .
Through this question asked in sacred circles or via technology new understanding of social spiritual consciousness enters the world, awakening us to what is the best in each other.
This opens new doors of possibility!

Birth 2012
is an idea founded on a joyful recognition of the natural interdependence of peace for all.

Birth 2012: December 22 2012 marked the beginning of a world-wide movement led by Futurist Barbra Marx Hubbard and the Shift Network at which many of us consciously committed to be empowered and empowering of compassion based oneness.

Think globally, act locally.

The Canadian National Capital Region of Ottawa-Gatineau/Algonquin Land has always been a place of the meeting of all Nations. Becoming aware of the importance of expressing this regions original purpose as a place where: we are all needed; all are invited and all are supported as we intentionally share our unique grace, expertise and gifts. We are called naturally to turn our attention to the significance of the Chaudière Falls.
On sacred Algonquin unceded land where our original peoples’ from all over North America met, we too are called to give thanks, to network and to trade.
We see that these Falls before they were dammed were unmatched in magnificence. We see that as we open ourselves to the truth of life’s inescapable inter-dependence, we awaken to the practical wisdom of our original people’s sacred relationship to the Chaudière Falls and to the Earth. We then experience and reclaim our own healthy re-connection to nature and to the significance of water the very blood stream of all life forms on Earth.
YOU are therefore invited to consider participating in any or all of the following initiatives we will be posting in the coming months to help citizens of the world come together, linking hearts and minds! We cannot think ourselves into a new way of being we need to live ourselves into a new way of being. By meeting and interconnecting in sacred circles and/or on internet we are co-creating a new web of life for future generations to see.
By learning to listen in deep respect Canadians invite the world to join us in celebrating our indigenous roots and our ancestors. And the joy of seeing people coming from all over the Earth joining us in the change and transformation towards Canada’s 150th Birthday year in 2017.
“Mandela and Commanda – From Robyn Island to Victoria Island.” See the 8th Annual Ottawa Peace Festival and special display celebrating the similarities of these two great men. Watch for the diverse events and plan to attend.

“ Working together for Canada and the World!” See www.Asinabka.com the vision of Grandfather William Commanda for everyone that is a shining example of co-operation, hope and healing.

As the world comes together on this website in this common cause thank you for signing our petition “Free the Falls and Free Ourselves!

Contact Mayor Jim Watson at www.Ottawa2017.ca and express in your own words this vision to welcome the world by Freeing the Chaudière Falls as they were before the Ring Dam was built for industrialisation for the lumber industry that helped build the great cities of the world.

Celebrate with Canadians from sea to sea as we learn more about our history, and how to embrace modern science and technology with the deep indigenous spirituality of our ancestors. To see in the creativity of the 21st century how we are all called to co-create a new economy on ecology. Living more simply sustainable ways using just enough as there is abundance for all.
Experience in Canada the natural flow of nature and the playground of the Ottawa River a new natural tourist attraction. This summer in the heart of Canadian democracy enjoy the times for this being a significant learning era. A new energy is welcoming the world to play and to celebrate and to learn how to envision our clean drinking water, and the natural water, from which the power of the energy of Chaudière Falls, in being freed fully from the Ring dam will work towards cleansing our rivers, lakes, streams and oceans, and at hardly any cost to anyone!