Interviews with Spiritual Leaders and Citizens from all walks of life on the Sacredness of Water – a critical element for all life

[update Apr 7, 2017]

Commission for the Ottawa Interviews

Judith Matheson interviews Daniel Stringer about The Ottawa River Commission Concept

Judith Matheson further interviews Daniel Stringer about The Ottawa River Commission Concept

Judith Matheson​ interviews Algonquin spiritual advisor Albert Dumont. South Wind​ speaks about the sacredness of water and Akikodjiwan/Chaudiere Falls. He challenges local religious leaders to defend this most sacred indigenous place they way they did those of mainstream religions after recent attacks.

Judith Matheson interviews Peter Stockdale about connecting the dots concerning the global environmental crisis and the importance of Akikodjiwan/Chaudière Falls in planetary transformation.

Judith Matheson interviews Grandmother Christine Vincent about “The Peace Tree and Prophecy”

Judith Matheson interviews Andrew Michrowski about Ottawa-Gatineau’s centrality.

Judith Matheson interviews Andrew Michrowski about Ottawa-Gatineau as a confluence across Turtle Island

Judith Matheson interviews Joseph Kennedy about water as a sacred and special object, and its restoration and recovery

 Asinabka National Aboriginal Center in the heart of Canada

update 2016-06-07

from Andree Cazabon-

Watch this amazing short film by Métis artist, Mixel (16:47 min.) You can hear Grandfather William Commanda speak of the vision of the Sacred Site & see the privatization plans of the sacred site, historical photos and hear from Indigenous youth and Elder Douglas on why protecting the sacred site is so important. The film also gives a shout out for the walk on June 17th, 2016. A great big Meegwetch to Mixel for all his hard work to the cause!

Grandfather William Commanda reminds us in the film that waiting 500 years for the sacred site to be returned IS a long time indeed. Stop the desecration and destruction before it is too late.

Asinabka National Aboriginal center in the heart of Canada from It is Sacred on Vimeo.

Also, videos of the speakers from the May 21 Pine Lodge gathering


Judith Matheson shares an important message for the Summer and Autumn of 2016 here:

Judith Matheson May 2016 Message

She shares more about the Oneness in Spirit event, a petition and Grandfather William Commanda’s vision in this clip:

Judith Matheson May 2016 Birth Ottawa Gatineau message part 2

Interview with Dr Douglas Cardinal and Judith Matheson July 2015 – 37 min

Grandmother Selina Staying Connected with Mother Earth – 12 min

Qais Ghanem interviewed Grandmother Selina and Judith Matheson.

Grandmother Selina and Judith Matheson are interviewed by Qais Ghanem – August 2015.

Grandmother Selina is interviewed by Judith Matheson – December 2014.

Architect Douglas Cardinal on the Chaudière Falls & Islands, and the Windmill condominiums plans – speaking on Sept. 23, 2014 at the Ottawa Peace Festival

Lindsay Lambert interviewed by Judith Matheson – October, 2014:

Albert Dumont interviewed by Judith Matheson – February, 2014: