The new Birth 2012 and Beyond website Ottawa/Gatineau is created to inspire a message and vision to uplift people’s imaginations in Canada from sea to sea and Globally. It is a message of joining and linking hearts and minds to remember what once was and to bring it alive again — to living memory! The mighty magnificent Chaudière Falls is in the heart of Canadian democracy in Ottawa/Gatineau. This is the area of Canada where two provinces Ontario and Quebec are joined by the mighty Ottawa River into which also flows the Gatineau, and Rideau Rivers all leading eventually to the Rideau Canal, the St. Lawrence Seaway and the mighty Atlantic Ocean. To free the Falls is to Free ourselves to once more reclaim the natural healing and beauty of the waters of the Falls and their ability to cleanse and heal our water ways in this part of Canada, where Confederation first took form. First in Kingston and then in Ottawa being named our second capital city. To free the ring dam that is blocking the natural flow of this sacred religious spiritual meeting place of the original peoples the Algonquin people and Mohawk in this area, would free Canada and Canadians to truly celebrate in 2017 our 150th birth date of becoming a country that is a beacon of hope for a world in need of hope.

Our vision is for a new better world in a Canada where we continue to welcome people from all over the world to live and to visit this national gem uncovered for our birthday in 2017! And to see it also becoming recognised as a huge tourist site as it too becomes recognised as A National Natural Heritage Aboriginal Site similar to the Rideau Canal being recognised by UNESCO. This would grace Canada being seen as a country that is emerging to play a most relevant role to welcome tourists and students of culture and ecology, and aboriginal indigenous spirituality. Coming from all over the world to learn and to be inspired. To see in Chaudière Falls freed. Nature’s natural beauty transformed. And a new economy of ecology unfolding in this creation in this region once again becoming a sacred meeting place. To listen and to hear the voices of the indigenous elders. On how in these times we are all called to learn better how to care for our water and in so doing our Earth..

This website seeks to help to connect people to events to meet other people also interested in engaging in exploring how we can all give voice by signing our petition to Free the Falls and Free Ourselves! On this Birth 2012 website we invite you to share with others how they too can ask: What can I give, share, offer, contribute to a new world emerging? As via technology and creating sacred space to meet we are coming together opening new doors to possibilities for our future generations. Coming together with this one focal point idea we welcome all Canadians from sea to sea and the world to support us in empowering our elected leaders to make this vision become real. Join us as we gather momentum on our petition and to a wonderful way to celebrate Canada’s birth date and 150th year. In 2014, 15, 16, and 17 let us all dream and vision Chaudière freed! As we move towards a new world emerging. We all give thanks and celebrate that we live in a nation and such a healthy society and democracy that we can empower hope for all citizens of the world to see and to believe as we Free the Falls we Free Ourselves to accomplish together great things!.